Courtside Entertainment is engaged in best practices activities that create an environment where companies and sponsors are able to sell inventory - ranging from tickets to sponsorship, how to prepare and motivate a sales force, retain and up-sell existing products to customers, use sponsorships as a sales incentive, and provides services to encourage and activate sponsorships. We work with our clientele in negotiating and nurturing a following in a broad range of markets through active promotions and productions.

Our Overall Missions
  • To promote the best sporting events, products and services. 
  • Expand opportunities for sports enthusiasts.
  • Sponsor and support fun, competitive, and professionally managed events and competitions.
  • Educate and promote the right products for the community.
  • Provide opportunities for athletes to participate at the highest level possible.
  • Honor student athletes and professionals alike.
  • Encourage the public, athletes and staff to be involved.
Community Outreach

If your youth or adult sports organization is interested in our staff providing professional and national level athletes for guest speaking, personal appearances and/or to assist with fundraising events, contact Courtside Entertainmetn and our community support program at info@courtsideentertainment.com.

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